Zinzi de Brouwer - photograph by Filipe Branquinho.jpg

Founded in 2016, Palha is a nonseasonal aesthetic investigation dedicated to the natural surroundings of the Inhambane region in Mozambique. Founder Zinzi de Brouwer, creative consultant and designer, has long had a relationship with the craft and design ambit of Mozambique.

Born in Maputo to a Mozambican mother and a Dutch father, she has always taken her Mozambican heritage central in her trails. She has taught Fashion classes in the first Bachelor of Design in Maputo (Instituto de Arte e Cultura), and continues to give workshops on Africa as a relevant consumer market, as well as storytelling techniques for the creative industry in universities and colloquies. She co-founded Stories of Near in 2015, the first trend forecasting studio dedicated to the African continent as an emerging market. In 2018 she joined the Fashion Professorship of ArtEZ (Institute of the Arts), The Netherlands. She has a fervent desire to contribute to an inclusive and diverse fashion industry.